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What Makes North Star Aviation Training Stand Apart in the Industry


If you’re having a brilliant technical background, enjoy figuring out problematic issues based on logical views, fantastic communication ability and aptitude to take challenges, aviation is the right choice for you. To take entry in the colossal aviation industry requires thorough learning of aeronautics, mechanical factors, scientific principles and techniques of flying aircraft, depending upon one’s career choice. Whereas the profession is extremely rewarding, glamorous and prosperous, at the same time, aspirants should keep in mind that field of aviation has changed in multi-folds from the earlier days.

Remarkable growth in the industry, intense competition and emergence of numbers of private or commercial airline service providers require you to work for long hours, in early morning, as well, throughout the night. Equally, depending upon the situation, stuff cuts, budget control or contract negotiations are widespread experience of professionals from pilots to ground staffs and working for national and international airline companies. However, if you’ve knowledge, skill, experience and attitude, none can stop you to excel even in this cut-throat industry.

Get Started!

To attempt the profession, the foremost criterion is equipping you with FAA certification from a recognized flight training school. Living in Minnesota, Ohio or any other state in the US, those who are in search of an exclusive flight training school can think of joining North Star Aviation Mankato MN.

Why North Star Aviation Training Courses?

Backed by partnership with State University of Minnesota, the flight training institute is operational for above 20 years. It has partnership with Ohio’s Bowling Green State University, too to offer FAA approved aviation training curricula on behalf of the Universities.


The globally distinguished airline training school offers specialized courses designed to prepare students capable to work for commercial, public or military aircraft in different positions. The institute is a FAA 14 certification holder and offers courses based on strict guidelines of FAA operational procedures. Students undergoing aviation courses here can opt for certification to four-year specialized degree courses.

Safety and Security Measures

North Star Aviation Mankato MN has been outfitted with a highly advanced fleet of well-maintained aircraft that are used for varieties of training purposes. All flight Instructors associated with the training schools hold FAA certified apart from CFI or Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and CFII and MEI certification.

Range of Courses

The demanding flight training school, Minnesota offers wide program options for students and individuals interested to embark on a professional career in Airlines. For skilled airline personnel, instructors and also for general students with high background, it also arranges accelerated level training course. The curriculum has great demand to professionals look for advanced courses or brush-up (continuing) course studies. Apart from its intensive 4 year bachelor’s degree in Aviation it provides certificate courses as well, small but compactly designed training curricula extended for six to ten weeks. The course fees are economically made and depend upon the type of the study course.

Great Faculty and Comprehensive Sessions

All instructors at North Star are backed by FAA as well as CFI certification and are industry experienced. Students are educated through well designed class room and hand-on training sessions. They are closely monitored by trainers who offer their best efforts to ensure that each student attends the curriculum gain thorough knowledge, expertise and familiarity to become victorious in aviation careers.

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