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What are some things which you can expect from an accounting intern job


An accounting internship is undertaken by students who want to find out if this is something which they will be interested in pursuing for the rest of their life. When a student takes up an accounting internship position, they do it for a temporary period – just to understand the accounting work from a real-world perspective.

It teaches that there are different kinds of accounting including forensic accounting which is part of private investigations and it helps you to solve puzzles and makes accounting work interesting. It helps the person find out whether accounting is something which they want to carry on doing for the rest of their life or if it is something which is not their cup of tea.

Some of the things you can expect if you are finding accounting internships position

If you take up an accounting internship, there are certain you can expect.


  • You can expect a short training – This training will be based on the kind of work which will be expected of you and what will be given to you to do.  
  • You would be introduced to who you would report to as well as you would be introduced to senior partners as well as managers.
  • Accounting interns will always be informed that you can ask as many questions as you want and in fact, it is encouraged rather than doing something wrong.
  • You would be exposed to various kinds of personal as well as corporate taxes.
  • You will help with audits as well as perform a variety of tasks.
  • You would need to learn how to input tax returns
  • You would need to know how to look for clients as well as
  • how to file and save documents
  • You would also learn how to communicate with partners, managers as well as clients.


However, some of the aspects of being an intern which is most challenging is scheduling because these interns are attending school and studying for school as well as working as an intern, and this most of them find challenging at least at the start because they are not used to such a busy life once they get in the groove it is easier to  handle.


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