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Teaching English in Thailand Is a Rewarding Experience


Teaching is an invaluable experience, especially when you are a TEFL trained teacher, teaching English in another country. One of the countries that need English teachers currently is Thailand. Thailand is a beautiful destination that is also an affordable place to live on a teacher’s salary. Many of the people who teach in the country live in cheap, yet nice accommodations and do not pay much for transportation or food. This allows you to save money to go on and teach elsewhere in the world.

Both solo and team teaching are used when teaching young or adult students the English language. TEFL trained teachers can also hone their teaching skills in the classroom before heading out to teach outside the country. Organisations that place teachers, often set up three-day school practicums to fulfil this requirement.

Getting Prepared to Teach English in Thailand

At the school practicum, English teachers can transfer the skills learnt in a TEFL classroom directly into an actual class setting. That way, they can engage with learners and get a feel for what teaching English in Thailand really involves. When you gain English teaching skills through an organisation, you can also focus on providing and teaching English to students who are schooled in underprivileged areas or in more rural regions of the Thailand countryside.

Teaching English

These regions may include such locales as Krabi or Chiang Mai. Many of these schools have never been exposed to native English-speaking teachers. Therefore, they are very grateful to receive a teaching professional who is well-versed in the language in their classroom.

TEFL teachers learn to put every part of the TEFL training into practice. They have to tackle real teaching responsibilities, such as class scheduling, lesson planning, sequencing, class management and the presentation and delivery of high-quality lesson plans. Although this part of the programme can be challenging, teachers also experience the practical components of the teaching process. This part of the programme, together with the theoretical knowledge gained, allows a TEFL teacher to excel in his or her teaching post in Thailand.

TEFL Teachers are Sought After in Thailand

Therefore, it is not surprising that TEFL teachers are sought after in Thailand. Teaching methods are used that are both relevant and up-to-date, thereby making it possible for teachers to hone their skills and build up their confidence as a full-fledged teacher.

Upon completion of the teaching practicum, all TEFL teachers are given a certificate for being a teaching volunteer – a sentimental award and reminder of the teacher’s initial teaching experience before she journeys to another land.

Are you the right fit to be a teacher in Thailand? You are, if you are committed to providing a quality education to children who may be disadvantaged. If you love working with children and creating lesson plans as well as love the idea of adventure, then you need to apply your talents and skills to a TEFL vocation. English teachers will continue to be in demand in Thailand and elsewhere in the world. Take this opportunity to make a difference in a child’s or non-English speaking adult’s life.

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