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Php-training Know more about PHP course syllabus


PHP course is of utmost importance to candidates who are looking to make a vocation in dynamic website designing along with the development aspect of it. In a way this course covers the basic to the advanced levels of website designing and development. There is a huge demand for PHP developers all over the world. Cashing in on this demand a host of institutes has developed a course which incorporates the following features:

  • Knowledge of PHP as a language
  • MYSQL as a database

The institutes are of the opinion that if you want to succeed in the domain of web programming, then PHP is the right choice. From time to time, there are new batches which are coming up. If one is really interested, they can request for a live demo, and find out on how the course can serve them in the best possible way.

The pre- requisites for this course

  • A base working knowledge of HTML is required
  •  Some form of conceptual knowledge on how web browsers and web servers interact during HTTP
  • Working knowledge of one scripting or programming language
  • Evidence of strong capabilities in prevalent areas of mathematical as well as logical reasoning.

PHP course syllabus

PHP and Web programming – An overview

  • The review of the various elements of PHP
  • Functions of PHP
  • Introduction to PHP and MySQL
  • Object oriented PHP
  • String, Arrays, Object
  • Introduction to  cms Jooma
  • Bringing it all together

Advantages of PHP

In the technological domain, PHP is growing at an alarming pace. It is in high demand by the web developers for website development. The general notion is that PHP is a scripting programming language. Yes, it is indeed easy to learn and on all counts beneficial in building a website, as well. In the domain of advanced technology, this course has achieved a lot of success. The developers have been using this utility tool since 1994, and it has gained widespread popularity than any other form of programming language. So what are the reasons on the emergence of this course big time? A look at them is as follows

  • PHP tends to be a fast programming language. This signifies that minimum amount of time is wasted
  • The use of it is literally free of cost, so money is saved to a considerable extent
  • Open source and hence most of the developers tend to avail the facilities
  • It is very easy to be taught and can help in designing attractive websites
  • Compatible with all other form of technologies
  • Last but the most important aspect of it is that it keeps your system secured

These are the advantages on which PHP has carved out a distinct identity among the developers. It is a utility tool in the development of a website.

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