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Learning and Development Should Begin Early


You naturally want what is best for your child. Therefore, the day nursery you choose is important in this regard. If you want to make sure that your child experiences a good start in life, you need to make a careful selection. That is why the facility you choose should place an emphasis on learning and development.

Three Main Areas of Development

When you are reviewing the services of nurseries and creches in Limehouse, you need to see what learning areas they address. Educational experts advise that day care nurseries should place a focus on three main areas. These areas include the following:

  • Communication and language. This area enables a child to develop his or her confidence and to speak and listen in various
  • Physical development. This part of the learning curriculum permits a child to participate and interact with other children in various physical pursuits. It also includes making healthy choices for food.
  • Personal, emotional, and social development. This area of learning enables children to realise a positive regard for themselves and other children. By developing healthy and positive relationships, they can learn how to behave properly in groups whilst increasing their own self-confidence.

A Time of Discovery

As you can see, when children are young, development entails a good deal of discovery. This type of exploration can only be done when children are exposed to an environment that supports their growth physically, socially, and mentally. The above-mentioned areas are only strengthened when literacy, reading, mathematics, and writing are applied.

When a day nursery understands a child’s developmental needs, you can rest assured that your child will succeed both socially and academically.

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