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Key To A Great School Website


The basic features which are the key to great school websites are good design as well as  functionality. Attractive and vibrant school website designs interest the students more and good functionality will make the website loved by all the teachers, students and parents.

Few of the points that must be taken care of in the planning and designing the website:

  • The visitors must be able to quickly and easily see the information they need without much of scrolling. The website templates made must be simple and with lot of clarity. Many schools and website makers make this mistake and cram in a lot of content in one single page. That as a result makes it look too messy and stuffy.
  • A Responsive design that is mobile friendly is a very important nowadays for a school website. This will make the website easily accessible to a larger number of masses via mobile devices. A good responsive design makes sure that the website will be clearly readable as well as readable through mobiles, laptops, tablets. This feature resizes and formats itself according to the requirements of the device.
  • There should be social media collaboration through the website. This is the time of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Almost everything can be promoted on social media Therefore, having a share link over the website is a must.
  • The navigation within the website must be well organized. An easy navigation makes it easy for the visitors to understand and take decisions faster.
  • The popular pages must be easily accessible to the visitors. Some of the popular websites include the calendar, the teacher pages and contact directory to name a few.

eSchoolView believes that great designs, a smooth user experience and powerful content management make your website stand out of the crowd. The websites built here are on cloud based software that made up exclusively for schools.

Here the most customized and responsive designs are created where any kind of new addition or update can be done with a few clicks itself. The team makes sure that there is an easy navigation within websites and the latest information provided, making school to home communication easier.

To improve the school communication with an effective website designing visit the website of eSchoolView today!

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