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International Education Options for the British Expat


So many Brits have decided to go down the expat road, enticed by the tax free salaries and exotic locations, and when you are also bringing up a family, your children’s education is an important thing to consider. It is hard enough to pick the right school at home, where things are familiar and we have some practical experience, but in a strange land with a different culture, how does one find a school that offers the highest level of academic education?

Main Expat Locations

If, for example, you are living in Dubai, Kings-Edu.com is a school that teaches the British curriculum, and with fully qualified British teachers, your child will receive an unrivalled education. The school is focused on helping every child to reach their fullest potential, and with solid moral values, their aim is to produce world citizens that can make a positive contribution to society. Many expats are posted to South East Asia, with Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia being popular locations for multi-national companies who recruit expat management from their home countries. Most companies will provide their new employees with a list of prominent schools, and from there on in, it is very much your choice.

The School Website

This will tell you many things about the school, including when it was founded, how many students it currently has, and also the grades the school accepts. Primary and secondary schools are often combined, and if they also have a kindergarten section, it is called a K-12 school. Your posting would typically be for 2-3 years, and primary education is essential for your children, so look for an established school with sound vision and mission statements. You also should be looking for a school with a high level of academic performance, and many governments independently rate their schools, and this could also provide some indication about academic performance.

British Curriculum

If you and your family are British, you don’t want your child chopping and changing curriculums mid- stream, as this can be very confusing for the learner. By sticking with the same curriculum throughout the 12 years of formal education, your child will receive a balanced education that is both structured and well designed. The British system of education has been copied worldwide, as it provides the learner with all the core subjects, and by following the same curriculum through the primary years, you are ensuring a well-balanced education for your child.

Cultural Differences

Your child will be exposed to people from many cultures, which is a good thing, and it helps to foster the notion that we are all the same and each culture should be respected for what it is. A successful International school would have students from all parts of the world and your child would learn about other cultures first hand.

If you have found a school you think might be suitable, take your child along for a visit, as this is really the best way to get a feel about the school and its values. If your child likes the environment and everything seems in order, you have probably made the best choice.

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