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IELTS Preparation Checklist to Prepare Yourselves for the Final Test


Have you decided to learn a new language? Congratulations. You have made a splendid decision. Learning a new language will open more doors for your bright future. Have you chosen English? If so, it is the wisest decision. It is a universal language.

Technological advancements are all based on English language. You can go anywhere, talk with anyone and make your point clear anywhere if you speak and write good English. IELTS is the most popular English language test worldwide. Being the most popular test, it is of no wonder that it is taught in many centers including Cursos de ingles en Manchester.

 IELTS test not only measures your ability to read and write but to listen and speak too. You should prepare for the exam with great care. You have to spend a lot of quality time and you have to practice a lot to come out with flying colors. Your confidence will improve and you will be able to attend the test with ease if you follow a few useful tips.

Checklist for IELTS preparation

Checklist before registering for the test

Step #1

Try to familiarize with the test format. Find what type of questions are asked. Find how many sections are there and the tasks given in each and every section. Read the rules and regulations of the exam thoroughly. You should know that the test is divided into four components, namely, listening, reading, writing and speaking. Speaking component alone can be completed a week before or after the test.

Step #2

You should practice hard by answering sample questions. You can find sample materials online. You can enroll in an IELTS coaching center. You will be given a lot of sample tests. This will increase your confidence.

Step #3

Improve your English skills by reading a lot and speaking in English whenever and wherever possible.

Step #4

What is your objective in learning IELTS? Is it for entering into a university or for a job in an organization? Find what score is needed to join the university or organization. Make sure you fix a target score and prepare accordingly.

Checklist after preparing for the test

Are you confident that you can attend the test? If so, you should register for the test.

Step #1

You should choose a test date that is suitable for you. IELTS test is conducted on 48 dates every year. Choose a date that will suit you.

Step #2

The next step is to choose the location. IELTS test is conducted in over 100 locations. You have to choose a location nearest to you. You can contact the centre through email or you can contact through phone.

Checklist a week before the test

  • Find how long it will take to reach the center.
  • Plan the time of leaving to make sure you reach in time.

Checklist on test day

  • Reach the location in advance.
  • Don’t forget to have something to eat.
  • The duration of the exam is 2 hours and 40 minutes. You will be able to take drinks in transparent bottles. Take something to drink.

Resource box

If you join a preparation course, you will be guided in all ways. You can go for the test stress-free. Contact Cursos de ingles en Manchester that offers variety of programs. Their team of quality teachers is sure to guide you to take you to new heights.

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