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Education in Denmark and the Importance of Affordable Education


Education is one of the most expensive things in our society. Most of the people cannot afford the high tuition fees.

The Importance of the Affordable Education and Education in Denmark

Higher education should be supported by government and become free or at least affordable for all students. The investment of the government will build up new opportunities for the students to study. However, this article is about the educational system in Denmark, although, the other information about education and custom papers can be found on coresponding web-sources. I wouldn’t be shy to ak them to https://essaylook.com/write-my-essay.

Educational System in Denmark

As for the topic formulated here, you will get that most of the people find Denmark the best place to study in. The main reason why people want to study here is that education in Denmark is absolutely voluntary and free so you can attend the university even in the very late age. You can also gain the free education in Hong-Kong and your scholarship will be quite high there. So, for students, there is no need to have a part-time job.

What Makes This System Different

Only those, who successfully passed all the exams, can be admitted. To pass it, one should get through all the tests; to do it you should be well-prepared. Most people think it is fair. Sometimes it does not help, as far as only the best pupils and numerous privileged ones are chosen for the free education. Others have to pay for their education 5 or even 6 years. It is a very big sum of money. Many families cannot afford it, but they do everything to earn this money for their beloved children.

Average Information About the System

The Danish educational system provides access to schools, high schools, and most types of the higher education. A visit to Folkeskole (secondary school) or the equal education is compulsory for at least 9 years. Exactly the same education can be obtained in private schools or at home. About 99% of students attend secondary schools, 86% attend high schools and 41% continue their education in the universities. All training in Denmark is free of charge; there is also no fee when enrolling. Pupils in high schools and above can qualify for a Student Aid, which provides fixed financial assistance, paid monthly – an analog of the scholarship.

The Danish education system has been in operation since 1994. It gives full control to the parents: they decide whether their kids should go to the school or not. The law provides compulsory education from 7 to 16 years. Obtaining compulsory (special) education is free of charge. A period of compulsory education is from August, 1 of the year when the child was 7 years old, and until July, 31 of the year when the child finished grade 9.

The System of the Higher Education in Denmark

Students, who receive the Danish higher education diploma, work independently and show their own initiative. As well as attending traditional lectures, students study in small groups, where they are supposed to work actively. A part of their training consists of an independent project and some research work. Most degree courses are independent, and students choose a field of specialization at their own discretion. All programs include the preparation of a report on a major project – a thesis.

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