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Commercial Playground Best Practices: Tips On Safety And First Aid For Kids


A great way to let your kids release energy by exercising and have fun at the same time is by letting them go on a playground. Imagine if they had their own commercial playground slides at home, they’d get to do this almost everyday in the safety of their home. However, this doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any precaution taken while they are out playing. Here are some tips you should make your kids follow when they’re playing and basic first aid tips you should know.

Inspect the Playground

One of the important things that you should do before they go to any playground is to take a look at the structure first. Keep an eye out for any jagged, sharp parts that could be pointing out or any cracks that show age. Make sure the slide is smooth and there aren’t any parts coming out of it. Playgrounds outside tend to go through more wear and tear than most, so you would be best by getting your own commercial playground slides from PlayGround Equipment.


Another important step to always keep in mind is to teach your kids proper safety tips when they are playing. Prevention is always better compared to dealing with any incidents later on. Teach them to avoid running up the stairs or climbing up a ladder too quickly. To always avoid running on the playground as much as possible or to always watch their step. Tell them they can do what they like as long as they take a moment to look and be careful while doing so.

Teach Friendliness

For sure, your kids would love having their friends or family members play with them in the playground set. However, this could pose a lot of issues, especially when it comes to roughhousing. Teach your kids to not push the other kids around or run too much on the playground to avoid accidents. Additionally, tell them to not push other kids on the swings too hard or down the slides.

First Aid Kit

First and foremost, you should have a basic first aid kit ready nearby because cuts and scratches are always bound to happen but it’s important to clean them up to keep your kids from contracting infections. Things such as cotton buds and swabs, various sizes of bandages, disinfection, etc., should be some of the basics that you should have in your first aid kit. Having things such as a bag ready to place ice in is also a good idea if your kid bumps themselves.

You, as the parent, should also learn how to perform basic treatments, such as cleaning the wounds and applying bandages properly. However, you should know when to bring your child to a hospital. If there’s a lot of bleeding from a large cut, they scratched themselves on metal, they got unconscious, burned, etc., they must be taken to a professional.

It’s always great to let your kids have the time of their lives in a playground, but it’s not worth getting themselves hurt over it. Follow the safety tips mentioned above to keep your kid happy and healthy.

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