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Boarding School for Your Child: Yes Or No


If you are considering of sending your child to a boarding school, there are chances that you are confused if it is a good decision or not. To clear your confusion, we have come up with various opinions, advices and suggestions from diversity. The parents who think of sending their child to a boarding school face different kinds of reactions from the people or society at broad.

“Awesome! It is going to be exciting & fun.” (This reaction is given by the fan club of J.K.Rowling and Hogwarts.)

“How cruel you parents are! Re-consider your decision.” (This kind of reaction usually comes up from the fan club of Taare Zameen Par.)

“This decision of yours will spoil your child for lifetime.” (This kind of reaction comes up from the people having less information and more imagination.)

“It’s a great decision. Boarding schools develop your child in to an independent and overall developed child. There can be bad impacts too. But choose the school wisely.” (This kind of reaction comes up from people having common sense.)

Sending your child to a boarding school or not is about the future of your child. Hence, it is important to have a clear objective and make an informed decision considering all the advantages and disadvantages. We hope that this write up will help you to take your call.

Advantages of Boarding Schools

Let’s have a look at the advantages first. The below-mentioned advantages are commonly agreed by most of the people. Following the advantages, we will examine each point closely when discussing about disadvantages.

  • Independent and self-reliant: Most of the boarding students gain independence that edge over their peer group. It is because of the fact that they cannot go to their parents for every small or big issue. They have to manage things

    attheir own and this quality developed at this age is built for life.

  • Confident: As the consequence of the first quality independence, the children get their confidence boosted. Students at any boarding schools are not only exposed to academics, sports & extra-curricular activities but also cooking, social service, music, trekking, hiking etc. More exposure means they are ready to face the world with more confidence.
  • Disciplined: If you will misbehave, you will be sent to a boarding school; it was a threatening statement a generation back. However, threatening is no good but it implies that boarding schools teach discipline.
  • Simplicity & living standards: Students at boarding schools are equally treated. No matter to which family you belong to, a celebrity or an IT employee, everyone is given equal attention & equal rights. They are provided same resources, same standards and same food. Hence, they are not spoiled for choices.
  • A better human being: Students from different backgrounds join boarding school. They live in a bunch of hundreds and get exposed to diversity. For survival, they interact with each other, become friends and create groups. It helps them to understand each other’s differences, appreciate each other and adapt as per requisites.
  • Lifetime friends: Boarding school students become great friends. They have a huge circle and help each other in different situations. Their strong network and connectivity help them lifetime.

How relevant are the advantages?

We have already mentioned the advantages. However, the most intriguing part is how relevant they are. Most of the boarding schools in India were established pre-independence for the children of British people. They matched international standards of education and had the children of the most affluent personalities. With the changing times, many international day schools came into existence matching the quality of these schools. They provide equally good education and develop overall personalities of the students but the question is if it is the best for your child. The call is completely yours since each family has own reason to send their child to boarding school; be it peer pressure, family tradition, brand name of school, status or teaching discipline to a troublesome child.

Disadvantages of Boarding Schools

It’s time to discuss some disadvantages of boarding schools. The most cited ones are:

  • Home-sickness: Being home-sick is an obvious thing but the debatable thing is if the advantages offered by the school overcome this disadvantage.
  • Child-sickness: Though children’s sickness is the obvious thing but the other obvious thing is parents missing their child and re-considering their decision of choosing boarding school.
  • Adapting issues: Not everyone is made for boarding school life. Few students are able to adapt to it and others face blending issues. Some students remain introvert and shy and just keep on going through the years to come.
  • Detachment from family: After joining boarding school, some students feel disconnected and detached to their family. When they come back to family, they are unable to connect to their family due to difference of thinking and disapprove them right away.
  • Only boys/ only girls or Co-ed: A child needs to be exposed to both the genders and should learn to interact well. Only girls or only boys schools is an old concept.

Things-to-do if you send your child to boarding school

Keeping the disadvantages aside, if you have decided that you are sending your child to boarding school, there are few tips to keep in mind:

  • Mention the reason of sending your child to boarding school. You should not let them feel abandoned.
  • A school cannot fill the void created by the absence of parent. On regular basis, you need to keep in touch with the teachers and keep an eye on the progress of the child.
  • Listen to your child. If he is complaining about some teacher or a student, they might be right. Boarding schools tend to bring down the issue to not bring bad name to them. However, as a parent you should visit the school and understand the matter.

It’s true that there are no best schools; however, there is surely the best for your child. If you’re looking for a CBSE affiliated co-ed boarding school in & around Mumbai, visit at Vagad PACE Global School now.

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